NBVFD: Unlocking History
March 23, 2024

Two recently discovered office envelopes, tucked in a file drawer, revealed a treasure trove of department history. Fifty years of member applications were stored in the envelopes.

The earliest record in the file was that of William Fortier from Chesapeake Beach. He was “age 18 last birthday” according to an entry on the application to become an “active” member. William joined the department on August 3, 1928, and was recommended by Chief Willard Ward, B.L. Deutsch, and Robert Wicks.

If you are related to any of the people on the application, give us a call or email pio@northbeachfire.com. We’ll be happy to provide a copy of this record for your family.

And we would like to take this opportunity to again ask if you are a descendant of early Chesapeake Beach or North Beach residents, or had family members who served in the fire department, please look through those attics, closets, old shoe boxes, and basements for any pieces of NBVFD history you would be willing donate, loan, or share with us as we approach our 100th year of service.

Thank you.