Celebrate The 4th Safely!
July 1, 2022

Happy Fourth of July from your NBVFD. Please make it an enjoyable holiday for all by observing the following:

Weather Safety
Pay close attention to the weather. Hydrate, wear sunscreen, and seek shelter in a building or car if lightning is in the area.

Water Safety
Pay close attention to the weather. Check the wind and tide before you take your ride.

Pedestrian Safety
The Twin Beaches will be crowded this weekend! Be sure to watch for pedestrians and drive with caution. Pedestrians - walk against, not with, the flow of traffic if you are not on a sidewalk.

Fireworks Safety
Fireworks that shoot into the air or explode are illegal in Calvert and Anne Arundel Counties. Leave these devices to the professionals for your safety and the well-being of our community. Refer to the flyer from the Town of North Beach for more safety tips.

Grilling Safety
Position your grill away from your home, especially if you have wood or vinyl siding.

Keep children away from the grill when the grill is hot.