North Beach Volunteer Fire Department

The North Beach Volunteer fire department, Inc received its certificate of incorporation on Augest 4,1926. We were incorporated as a non-profit organization for the purpose of protecting life and property in North Beach and surrounding vicinity, which in the early days went as far south as Solomon's Island. All the original charter members resided in the North Beach area. Below is a list of the original trustees and charter members.

President, Jacob Delp
Vice President, Merrill Ward
Secretary, Robert G. Wickes
Treasurer, Oscar Marshell
Fire Chief, Willard S. Ward Sr.

Arthur Clark
Clarence King
Marion Tucker
Wade Tucker
Benard Loveless
Wilbert Ware
Robert S. Meade

In its early days of operation the fire department operated out of a garage in North Beach. This continued for several months before the first fire station was built at Third and Dayton Avenue. The land used for this was station was deeded to the North Beach Volunteer Fire Department, Inc., By Mrs. Dora West on October 27,1926. In the early days of service hand held chemical extinguishers were placed at various street corners to assist with extinguishing fires. In the Late 1920's our first fire engine was purchased, this was a used 1925 Studabaker. Ambulance service did not begin until the mid 1960's when we purchased a 1965 international Travel All. As the community grew, so did the fire department. In 1973 the Dunkirk Fire Station which was known as North Beach company 5 was annexed. This annexation lasted until the early 1980's when the ties were severed between our two companies. On September 1, 1973 we leased the land where the old school house was located to construct the new fire station, which we presently reside in today. The Calvert County Commissioners leased the land to us. We moved into the present building in August of 1976. We currently have more than 100 members. We currently operate 2 engines, 2 ambulances, a rescue pumper, a tower, a rescue boat, a fireboat and numerous support vehicles. Also in the near future we plan to rehab our building with new bunkrooms, new offices, a new lounge, a new game room, a new training room, and lots a storage space.