North Beach Volunteer Fire Department

Tower 1

This unit is for sale $90,000

  • 1991 Pierce Lance
  • 95 ft aerial platform
  • seating for 6 Rehabed in 2006

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For Sale 1991 Pierce Lance 95' Platform

Tower 1 is FOR SALE!!!!

1991 Pierce 95' Platform
Pierce Lance Chassis
Seating for 4; 3 SCBA seats
Cummins Diesel Engine
Allison Automatic Transmission
Engine Brake
Electric Reels
Federal Q Siren
Ground Ladders
Cascade System
Breathing Air
Some loose equipment going with the vehicle
Refurbished by Pierce in 05 or 06
Telescoping Lights
Aerial Hours 1349
Mileage: 65,000



New Command 1

The new Command 1 has arrived. The new command is a 2016 Chevy Tahoe. The vehicle is outfitted with Whelen LED lights and full light bar. Vehicle has a Rockland command box with white board and SCBA  bracket.

Vehicle was outfitted by Greg Nelson at Nelson Emergency Vehicle Lighting



Box Alarm in the 110

Saturday, September 3, 2016  on 9-3-16 Area Box 110 was sounded for the single family house fire. Bringing on the call Chief 1 (Devere) Chief 1A (Keller) Engine 11(Tyrell) Tower 1 (T.Mills) Engine 12 (Sgt.Hagan) Rescue 1 (Capt. Bennett). Units arrived on location to find a single story on a basement with fire showing from the charlie side. Chief 1 arrived on location to establish the 110 command. Engine 11 advanced their 1 3/4' attack line and quickly extinguished the fire, and then opened the ceiling up to find the the fire had started to extend into the attic of the house. Tower 1 arrived on location and was sent to the roof. Engine 12 and Rescue 1 assisted the crew operating inside. Units operated for approximately 1 hour before returning in service.


Chief 1A

Chief 1A


106 TownHouse

Thursday, September 1, 2016  On 9-1-16 Area Box 106 was sounded for the fire in a Town home. Bringing on the call Chief 1 (Devere) Engine 11 (Sgt.Hagan) Tower 1 (Humphreys) Engine 12 (Capt.Morrison) and Rescue 1. Engine 11 arrived on location with a 2 story middle of the row townhouse with smoke showing. A 360 was completed and found that there was fire showing on the charlie side. Engine 11 advanced their 1"3/4 attack line inside and got a quick knock on the fire that has spread into the kitchen. Chief 1 arrived on location and assumed the 106 command. Tower 1 and Engine 12 arrived and assisted crews with opening up and checking for extension. The box was quickly scaled back and held with the units from company 1. Units operated for 1 hour before returning to service.



Kids camp 2016

Thursday, August 4, 2016  On 8-4-16 Sgt.Hagan and FF/EMT J.Perry took zodiac 1 down to St.Leonard for the kids camp. The kids learned about water rescues and all types of water operations.



Res1cue runs one overturned

Thursday, August 4, 2016  On 8-4-16 just after noon rescue box 108 was sounded for the single vehicle auto accident reported one overturned with a subject trapped. Bringing on the call ambulance 19 (P. Osburn) Rescue 1 (Chief 1A Keller) Chief 1B (Gooding). While enroute they were given further information that the accident was at Boyds Turn just over the Anne Arundel county line. Units from company 1 arrived on location to find one car overturned with a subject still inside. Rescue 1 stabilized the vehicle and assisted the subject out of the vehicle.



Ocean City Stay Back Dinner

Thursday, June 23, 2016  Company 1 hosted a dinner for those who were unable to make it over to Ocean City for the annual MSFA convention. The menu consisted of crabs, shrimp, hamburgers, hotdogs, and various sides. Those who did go to Ocean City enjoyed a dinner at Phillips.




 Congrats to firefighter Bryce Callis for graduating high school. Bryce will be attending college at Mount St.Marys. The NBVFD family is proud of you Bryce!



Busy Memorial Day Weekend

Saturday, May 28, 2016   This weekend the Beach House has been very busy responding to numerous calls of all sorts since Saturday (5-28-16) members have responded to 19 calls. On Saturday evening the ambulance was handling a call the Fire Boat and Rescue 1 were handling a call and Engine 12 assisted the ambulance. 



Tower 1 replacement

Thursday, May 26, 2016   Today a few members from the Tower 1 replacement committee headed out to Pierce in Appleton Wisconsin to discuss the pre engineering for our new tower. Progress of the new tower will be updated as the apparatus is being built. 



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