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Latest update for R-1

Saturday, April 25, 2015 



New Rescue 1 pictures

Sunday, April 19, 2015   New Rescue 1 is coming together quickly and is almost ready to have the box placed on the chassis.




Courtesy of S.Peterson(co.5)

Courtesy of S.Peterson(co.5)

Sunday, April 5, 2015   At 0220hrs Engine company 1 was alerted for the trailer fire on B St. in Lyons Creek Mobile estates in Anne Arundel County.  Engine 12(R.Whittington) and Chief 1A(Keller) responded.  Units from Dunkirk Company 5 arrived to find a single wide trailer with heavy fire.  Engine 12 arrived as the 3rd arriving engine and took their own hydrant.  Engine 12's crew advanced a 400' pre connect to side charlie and assisted Dunkirk crews with extinguishing the fire.  Chief 5(Rector) had the Lyons Creek command.  Chief 1A(Keller) had interior operations.  



Passing of PFVRS life member

Monday, March 30, 2015   The North Beach VFD offers its condolences to the Prince Fredrick Volunteer Rescue Squad on the passing of life member Tommy Tettimer.



Bash Winners

Saturday, March 21, 2015  12:00 017   12:10 069  12:20 635  12:30 255   12:40 539   12:50 167   1:00 530   1:10 086   1:20 606   1:30 400  1:40 111   1:50 686   2:00 740   2:10 732   2:20 753   2:30 719   2:40 261   2:50 827   3:00 173   3:10 387   3:20 361   3:30 445   3:40 491   3:50 969   4:00 552 4:10 054   4:20 187   4:30 924   4:40 006   4:50 710   5:00 266   5:10 725   5:20 472   5:30 467   5:40 774   5:50 152   6:00 632 



Bumper Line Video

Bumper Line

Tuesday, February 10, 2015  All members please look over this video to ensure you know how to rack the bumper line on the engines. To view the videos, please follow the links provided here.



Working Commercial Building Fire

Sunday, February 8, 2015   On 2-8-15 at 15:53 commercial box 105 was sounded for the commercial building fire at 4150 21st at Smokey Joes. Bringing on the call Chief 1B(Freesland) Lt.1(Crandell) Engine 11(Zalusky) Tower 1(Hagan) Brush 1 (Sgt.Conner). Captain 1 (Gooding) went on the scene side alpha with a single story commercial building with smoke showng from side charlie. Chief 1B arrived on the scene and established the "Smokey Joes" command. Engine 11 adavanced their 400' attack line to the rear of the building and found a fire n a utilty/storage room . Tower 1 arrived on the scene and laddered  the building and roof and opened up for crews. The fire was quickly brought under control. Units from company 1 operated on scene for 4 hours before returning to service.



Rescue 1 sold

Wednesday, February 4, 2015   Rescue 1 was sold to Moore VFD in Texas. Rescue 1 has served our department very well since 1990. We are looking forward to the new apparatus.

Many thanks to the Moore VFD



Tower and Engine run 2 alarm fire in the 42-18 box

Thursday, January 15, 2015  On 1-15-15 at 8:29am mutual aid to Anne Arundel county was sounded for the working house fire at 6064 Melbourne Ave. Bringing on the call Tower 1 (Morrison) and Engine 11 (1A.Keller). Units from company 42 arrived on location to find a 2 story single family dwelling that was under construction with fire throughout. Tower 1 arrived on location and was assigned to check the interior of the exposure dwelling. Engine 11 was dispatched on the second alarm and arrived on location and assisted Tower 1 with ladder pipe operations. Tower 1 went to work with the master stream and brought the fire under control. Tower 1 and engne 11 operated on scene fore 2.5 hours before returning to service.

In March of 2014 Tower 1 was dispatched to the same address for a fatal house fire.



Tower runs house fire in the 42-17

Saturday, January 10, 2015  On 1-10-15 at 12:23pm mutual aid to Anne Arundel county was sounded for a house fire at 406 Deale Rd. Bringing on the call Tower 1 (Morrison). Units from 42(Deale) arrived on the scene to find a 2 story single family dwelling with fire showing. Tower 1 arrived on the scene and assisted crews with overhaul and opening up. Tower 1 operated for 1 hour before returning to service.



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