North Beach Volunteer Fire Department


Engine and Tower respond to Huntingtown

Sunday, April 9, 2017   On April 9th at 0503 hours North Beach Engine 12(Vaughn) and Tower 1(Sgt Agambar) were alerted to the 6-17 box on Lakeridge Dr. for the reported house on fire. Tower 1's crew arrived and assisted with ground ladders and opening up. Engine 12s crew laid a secondary supply line and assisted crews with extinguishing hot spots.This was the second working fire in 12 hours that Co.1 units operated on.



First due building fire

Saturday, April 8, 2017 14:17 On April 8th at 1503 hours Co.1 and surrounding companies were alerted to the 1-11 box at the Stone's Motel for the reported apartment fire. Eng 11(Sgt T.Mills) Tower 1(R. Lockrow) Rescue 1(SO Mills) Eng 12(1b Bennett) Ambulance 19(Icenhower) and Chief 1(Keller) all responded to the call. Units arrived to find a 2 story motel with fire showing from a second floor apartment. Eng 11 extended a line to the fire apartment as Tower 1 opened up. Engines from Companies 5 and 6 extended lines into the exposure apartments and assisted in the extinguishment.

During this incident Co.1 was also able to handle a first due priority call.



First shipment of new Globe gear

 Today the North Beach VFD accepted the first order of the new Globe fire gear. 



Tower runs trailer fire in Lothian

Monday, March 27, 2017 0943  Today at 0943 volunteers were alerted to Patuxent mobile estates in Waysons Corner for a working trailer fire.  Tower 1 (Sgt. Agambar) and Chief 1 (Keller) responded on the call.  Intial units found a single wide trailer with fire and smoke showing.  North Beach units arrived as the fire was being extinguished and assisted in extensive overhaul operations. 



42-37 shed fire

Sunday, March 5, 2017   At 1709 hours Anne Arundel County requested mutual aide to assist with reported shed fire in the Rosehaven neighborhood. Engine 12(R.whittington) and Engine 11(Lt. Conner) arrived to find 2- 20x30 sheds well involved with exposure issues to adjacent houses. Propane tanks exploded several lines placed in service by North Beach and other companies on the scene. All fire was extinguished extensive overhaul was performed.



Engine transfers to AACO

Friday, March 3, 2017   On 3/3 Engine 12 (Lt. Conner) transferred to Anne Arundle Station 3 (Riva) . While transferred Engine 12 was first arriving to a residential gas leak in Woodland beach. Units operated for approx 45 mins before returning to service .



Confined Space Rescue

Friday, March 3, 2017   At 1554 hours the North Beach VFD and surrounding companies were alerted to a confined space rescue at the Rod n Reel relating to the bridge project. Rescue 1(1b Bennett) Engine 12 (Capt.Morrison) Ambulance 18(sgt Swann) and Chief 1(Keller) responded and found a bridge worker who fell approximately 15 feet into a 30x20 hole. Crews entered the hole , packaged the patient and lifted him out utilizing a crane on scene. Patient was moved the ambulance and transported to the hospital



108 Auto Accident

Thursday, March 2, 2017   On March 2nd at 0811 hours Rescue box 108 was dispatched for an mva. This brought Rescue 1( Sanders) Ambulance 18(Sgt Swann) Chief 1(Keller) and Captain 1(Morrison) to the call. They found 2 cars involved in a t-bone style collision. Crews worked to package one patient and ambulance 18 transported to the hospital.



106 Working House Fire

Saturday, January 28, 2017   On January 28th At 1921 hours units from the beach and surrounding areas were dispatched to a house on St.Andrews Dr. for the working house fire with reported people trapped

SO Freesland ,Engine 11(captain morrison) ,Rescue 1(Lt Conner) Ambulance 18(Sgt Swann)and Ambulance 19 (Whittington) responded to the scene and found a single story ranch home with fire showing.

Engine 11 made entry and put a knock on the fire , as Rescue 1 initiated a search for the missing person which with assistance from Squad 5(Dunkirk) primary and secondary searches proved negative.

Units remained on scene due for some time to venting propane tanks in the rear of the home and overhaul



Chief Gator Brush and Engine run tree fire

Monday, November 7, 2016   Local box 111 was sounded for the tree fire next to a house. Chief 1(Keller) Gator 1 (Sgt.Hagan) Brush 1 (Kivett) and Engine 11(Capt.Morriosn) arrived on location to find a large tree next to a house with fire inside of a hollow tree. Gator 1 and brush 1 quickly got water on the fire but due to the amount of burning the crosslay from engine 11 was pulled to put more water on the tree. Units operated for 20 minutes.



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